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MHP profiles:


The MHP specification envisions three modes of use (profiles):
An enhanced broadcasting profile: for broadcast (one way) services,
An interactive broadcasting profile: interactive (two way) services,
An Internet Access Profile: Internet based, or Internet-like service.

MHP is a broad standard and further details will need to be put in place to produce a workable system. If these details are not standardised, or at least harmonized, content produced for one MHP system will not necessarily be playable on another: Information is reproduced with the permission of OpenTV from a “White Paper” published at IBC 2000... While MHP provides universal interoperability, it is not in and of itself a complete interactive solution. To achieve this degree of interoperability, MHP does not attempt to specify hardware or conditional access interfaces or other implementation-specific details. Also, since the current generation of set-top boxes does not meet MHP’s hardware requirements, a migration path is required that will allow continued interactivity with the currently deployed set-top boxes until it is economically feasible to replace them with MHP-compatible devices. ... OpenTV and Matsushita are cooperating to provide an MHP solution. This solution will be commercially available in December 2001. Report on API Migration, Appendix 3, DigiTAG, May 2001