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  1. The book Green Technology Strategies, is available in print and electronic formats. E-learning versions of this are used by Open Universities Australia (Green ICT Strategies: ACS25), Australian Computer Society (Green Technology Strategies), and Australian National University (Green Information Technology Strategies: COMP7310), in their postgraduate programs. The original course notes, from "Green ICT Strategies" for ACS in February 2009 are available for Moodle.
  2. Green ICT Symposium 2008: A free half day event 14 November 2008 on environmentally sustainable ICT.
  3. Electronic Document Management: Course for government staff, first delivered at ANU, in October 2007.
  4. Green IT: ICT Environmental Sustainability or "Green Computing".
  5. Greening ICT to address Global Downturn and Global Warming: A half day event 19 February 2008 on environmentally sustainable ICT for economic development.
  6. Foundations of Open: Technology and Digital Knowledge Local 2020 Summit: Local 2020 Summit held in Canberra, 3 April 2008.
  7. Web Technology: An introduction to the structural design of web pages.
  8. Writing for the Web: One day course run for local government staff, first run in 2007.

This is where you will find some courses and events Tom Worthington is involved with. For most the notes are available free for non-commercial use.

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