From the book Net Traveller by Tom Worthington


By Senator Kate Lundy

The Internet is shaping our social and cultural development. It offers an opportunity to build a more equitable and caring world. It is crucial that public policy makers take a good hard look at the issues and not be dazzled by speculative profits or technological prophets.

As one of the few Senators who prepare their own web pages, I have been struck by the gulf of understanding of Internet technology by Australia's leaders. We need to have informed debate for public policy of substance on the potential and challenge offered by the Internet, not reaction to fear of technology.

In his eclectic style, Tom Worthington takes us on two hype-free journeys: around the world and around cyberspace. He brings a rare blend of technical prowess and commitment to social progression that ensures his commentary offers more than just informed advice on global and virtual navigation. His narrative places the Internet in a comfort zone that offers a rare insight into how this digital medium can genuinely enhance our social experience.

Tom's energy and ability to initiate progressive change reminds us that we all have a role in designing how the Internet will shape our lives.

Ultimately, Net Traveller will prove to be eminently useful to those seeking to make the Internet work effectively for them, to inspire those who can sense the social and cultural potential of cyberspace and challenge those who are merely mesmerised by a hyped beast enslaved by commercial interests.

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