Tom Worthington FACS HLM

Independent advice on information technology

Tom Worthington is an independent consultant, providing advice on information technology strategies, the design of web sites and use of e-commerce systems. Clients include major government agencies, companies and research organisations. Tom is a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the Australian National University, where he teaches the design of web sites and use of e-commerce systems.

Consulting highlights

Some Services Provided

Internet Presence Review: How the World Sees Your Organisation

Your organisation may have a web page, but this is just part of creating an on-line presence. How visible is your organisation on the web? Are there sites about your organisation, products or staff which you don't know about? Do your staff present a consistent and professional image in e-mail and other Internet communication? Tom Worthington will use open source intelligence techniques to find out what there is to know about your organisation on-line. He will provide short, easily understood reports.

Internet/Intranet/Extranet Use: How your Organisation interacts with the World

Are your Internet costs out of control? Do your staff spend work time surfing the web, not working? Is corporate e-mail used responsibly? Are you unnecessarily exposed to legal liability by staff e-mail? Who is using your system? Tom Worthington will provide a check on the health of your 'net policies and practices.

IT Strategy Check: Going in the right direction?

Are you sure your IT strategy is on the right track? In many cases organisations have commissioned major IT strategies from consultants or in-house teams, only to receive a weighty document in impenetrable IT jargon. Let Tom Worthtington translate your IT strategy into a few pages of English and provide an assessment of the Direction.

Technical Strategy Chair: Guiding the Technical Egos

Setting an IT product or strategy direction can quickly degenerate into a tech-slanging match. It can help to call in an independent chair to see all points are covered in a calm professional atmosphere. Tom Worthington has experience in chairing technical strategy meetings for the Department of Defence, interdepartmental and industry bodies.

One-on-One Executive IT Briefing: Finding What You Need to Know Now

Busy executives do not have time to attend long IT and Internet courses and conferences. Let Tom Worthington prepare a custom presentation for your or a small group of senior staff. Have someone who actually learnt about technology by using it give straightforward jargon-free answers to questions affecting your business direction. Learn about next year's technology now.

Conferences: Credible Content

Benefit from Tom Worthington's experience at organising national and international IT conferences with respected, informative and entertaining technical content. He can present to your in-house or public conference, arrange speakers and topics for a credible event and chair conferences.