Internet World Australia '99 - August 2-4

Government Forum

"The Business of Government"

2 August 1999, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

Preliminary Program

9.00 - 9.15WELCOME by Tom Worthington, Conference Chair
9.15 - 10.00Business Entry Point - making it easier for business to interact with governments, Dr Guy Verney, Assistant Secretary, Commonwealth Office of Small Business
10.00 - 10.30Morning Tea
10.30 - 11.00Managing web site development in a climate of change, Suzette Burdeu, Webmaster, Bureau of Rural Sciences
11.00 - 11.30Government Understanding of Online Business, Su Spencer, Senior Adviser, Department of Premier & Cabinet (Tasmania)
11.30 - 12.00Defence, Industry and the Web, Leonard Simmons, Staff Officer C3I (IO/IA), Defence Information Systems
12:30 - 1.00Net Traveller, Tom Worthington, Immediate Past President, Australian Computer Society
1.00 - 2.00LUNCH
2.00 - 2.05Afternoon Session Introduced by Ian Barndt, Co-chair
2.05 - 2.30The Internet as a Vehicle for Service Delivery, Maghanita da Cruz, Principal Consultant, Ramin Communications
2.30 - 3.00Government should lift crypto export controls, Dr Michael Baker, Board Member, Electronic Frontiers Australia
3.00 - 3.30Community Based Web Publishing-Building A gateway, GRAME BARTY, MD, HARVEST ROAD
3.30 - 4.00Afternoon Tea
4.00 - 4.30World Update on Government Internet Initiatives, Ian Barndt, Manager Strategy & Online Policy, Office for Government Online

About the Event

Internet World Australia's one day government forum will present Australia's top speakers on the topic of doing business with, and for, government on the Internet:

Tom Worthington

The government forum will again be chaired by Tom Worthington, first web master for the Australian Department of Defence, one of the ten most influential IT&T people in Australia and a director of the Internet Society of Australia. He will be joined this year by Ian Barndt from the Office of Government On-line and one of the founders of Internet for the Commonwealth Government.

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Business Entry Point - making it easier for business to interact with governments

Dr Guy Verney

Dr Guy Verney

Assistant Secretary, Commonwealth Office of Small Business

BEP is a Commonwealth, State and territory and local governments initiative which is making it easier for small businesses to interact with government agencies. BEP has been providing information and a growing on line transaction capability covering the range of activities affecting most small and medium businesses in their dealings with government. The BEP is moving to establish online payments facilities between businesses and governments and is also looking to support demonstration projects which will accelerate the establishment of effective online transactions. The presentation will cover lessons learned to date and future plans for BEP.

Dr Guy Verney, Assistant Secretary Business Entry Point Management Branch, Office of Small Business, has been leading the BEP initiative for the last two years, since its inception as part of the Federal Government's red tape reduction program. Prior to this, Dr Verney has extensive experience in other Federal Government agencies, including Defence and Industry, Science and Resources.

Community Based Web Publishing-Building A gateway

Grame Barty


MD, HarvestRoad

"Community Based Web Publishing-Building A gateway" - will highlight the growing need for gov't etc to create, share and archive material via the web. Identifies the building blocks for any functional or geographic community of interest to establish their own 'gateway'.

Grame Barty graduated from The Royal Military College of Australia in 1977. He specialised in Communications Intelligence and Electronic Warfare in his 10 years as a commissioned officer in the Australian Regular Army . During that time he was assigned to NATO forces in Europe, was Dux of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals Advanced Communications Course and commanded the 72nd Electronic Warfare squadron. Prior to founding HarvestRoad - a high innovative web publishing software technology company - he held senior sales, marketing and management positions in Fujitsu Australia, Nortel Australia and Telecom New Zealand helping to start up the telecommunications sales, research and manufacturing operations of those companies.

Managing web site development in a climate of change

Suzette Burdeu

Webmaster, Bureau of Rural Sciences

Topics Covered: Business Case Studies, Intranets & Extranets, New Technology Concepts

Web site development is normally a time consuming and complex process, but in these times of change it can be a nightmare. IT outsourcing in government departments has introduced a new element to managing web site development. How can IT outsourcing affect web site development in a government department? How can IT outsourcing affect your hardware and software infrastructure? This session will present a case study, which shows how one government agency is addressing these issues.

Suzette Burdeu is currently the webmaster for the Bureau of Rural Sciences and the ACT Branch of the Australian Computer Society. She has been active in Internet development for approximately 3-4 years.

Defence, Industry and the Web

Leonard Simmons

Staff Officer C3I (IO/IA), Defence Information Systems

How can Industry assist Defence in adopting Web based tools as its primary interfacing, production and delivery mechanism for accessing its information across the Defence Intranet and what are the issues for dealing with the Internet and Extranets.

Leonard Simmons works to the Executive of the Defence Information Systems Group (DISG). Primary responsibilities include Information Assurance (IA) and Information Operations (IO), a logical extension of INFOSEC, as well as developing policies for Intranet/Internet/Extranet (IIE) services. Has been the Corporate data base manager for Army personnel systems and has designed, built and managed one of Defense's first PC LANs before moving across to the Security and Intelligence world. Qualifications include GradDip IS and Masters IT (Major Data Comms and Network Security) and will be commencing his PhD in the second half of 99.

International Perspectives on the Government Online Effort

Ian Barndt

Manager Strategy & Online Policy, Office for Government Online

Topics covered: Information Management, Public access, PKI, International Government Online initiatives.

Government's around the world are using the Internet to put their services online. International organisations such as the OECD, ICA and G7 are undertaking projects and studies, which are examining the key issues and benchmarks for government. This presentation will outline the issues that are being considered and highlight the world leading online initiatives that are being undertaken by Australia and other governments.

Ian Barndt, Manager Strategy & Online Policy, Office for Government Online, is a key player in getting Government Online. Mr Barndt is Australia's national representative on the G7 Government Online Project and a program committee member of the ICA. His government online work is respected around the world.

The Internet as a Vehicle for Service Delivery

Maghanita da Cruz

Maghanita da Cruz

Principal Consultant, Ramin Communications

Draft Paper Available

The universality of the Internet, has created a standard user interface to applications. Outsourcing and the evolution of common comprehensive software solutions, has lead to Vendors offering bureau services over the Internet - how will these "hosted applications", served over the Internet, differ from the facilities management offerings of the 1970s?

Marghanita da Cruz is principal consultant of Ramin Communications. Specialising in scoping requirements and implementing Internet delivered solutions. These solutions have included corporate electronic mail and information systems, the evaluation of telecommunications options for Internet access and delivery, and portals for communities of interest.

Government should lift crypto export controls

Dr Michael Baker

Board Member, Electronic Frontiers Australia

Topics Covered: E-Commerce, Legal/Piracy issues

Strong cryptography is a pre-requisite for the development of e-commerce. The widespread adoption of strong cryptography is being hampered by export controls over cryptographic products. These export controls are enforced by the 33 member nations of the Wassenaar Arrangement.

If the Australian Government is serious about promoting e-commerce it should 're-consider its crypto export policy. The Wassenaar Arrangement is not a binding treaty. Australia has in the past implemented export controls over cryptography that were at variance with the Arrangement and by removing export controls over cryptography could do so again.

Dr Michael Baker is a Consultant Systems and Software Engineer with Adacel Technologies Limited, and is a Board Member of Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA). Dr Baker founded EFA five years ago. In support of EFA's cryptography campaign to ensure that no new restrictions are introduced on the use of cryptography and to have export restrictions lifted, Dr Baker coordinates an International campaign to have cryptography removed from the Wassenaar Arrangement.

Government Understanding of Online Business

Su Spencer

Senior Adviser, Department of Premier & Cabinet (Tasmania)

Topics Covered: E-Commerce, Business Case Studies, New Technology Concepts

Understanding of the options and implications of doing business online varies widely between and within Governments. One of the largest gaps is between the committed bureaucracy and the political representatives. This paper will present results of a current survey of perceptions and expectations of developing online business by political and public sector leaders in Australia.

Su Spencer is an IT veteran who, following a private sector beginning, has worked in both the South Australian and Tasmanian governments in Information Strategy development. She is undertaking post-graduate research at the University of Tasmania.

Net Traveller

Tom Worthington

Tom Worthington

Immediate Past President, Australian Computer Society

Australia's most acclaimed Internet exponent will give an irreverent tour of Internet issues, drawn from his last five years working and living on-line. The presentation is being developed on the web at:

Mr Worthington is a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the Australian National University. He is an electronic business consultant, author and information technology professional, with 17 years experience in information technology, including nine years on high level IT policy and five in Internet applications. He was a member of the Defence Department's Information Systems Year 2000 Project Management Office and Immediate Past President of the Australian Computer Society. Information Age magazine listed Mr. Worthington as one of the 10 most influential IT&T people in Australia in 1998, citing his work on national IT policy. His work since 1994 has been on the policy and practice of implementing the Internet. Tom was the first Web Master for the Australian Department of Defence and made Kangaroo 95 the first military exercise on the Internet, in August 1995. He designed the home pages of the Minister for Defence in May 1996 and the Minister for Defence Industry, Science and Personnel in April 1997.


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