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Australia Alps (Snowy Mountains)

or: The IFIP96 Snow Report Number 1

by Tom Worthington, 3 August 1996

You read about some of my travels across the world elsewhere. But this is one to the Australian Alps much closer to my home in Canberra, Australia.

Parliament House Skitube Marghanita da Cruz Tom Worthington Home Run at Perisher Blue Snow Gum Trunk

  1. Parliament House, Canberra (on the way to the snow)
  2. Skitube, Bullocks Flat Terminus
  3. Marghanita da Cruz, Project Manager, ABC Multimedia
  4. Tom Worthington, ACS President
  5. Home Run at Perisher BluePerisher Blue
  6. Snow Gum Trunk

The snow fields are in the Kosciusko National Park, which also has Mt. Kosciusko, Australia's highest mountain. There are several ski resorts. The one I chose for this weekend is Perisher Blue. Its easy to get to because the Skitube: a railway through a tunnel from below the snow line to the ski fields.

One of the benefits of living in Canberra is being close enough to the mountains to do for a day's skiing. Prins Ralston, Vice-President of the ACS mentioned to me that some people coming to Canberra for the 14th World Computer Congress may not be aware there is are ski fields close enough for a day trip.

So this is a few photos and facts from a day's travel to ski on Saturday 2 August 1996. I just collected a new GSM mobile phone with data adapter and so have transmitted the photos from the ski field.

Please note: I did this text in a hurry on Friday night before the trip, so its not a well research work, some quick notes. Conditions, prices and facilities change (or I might have got them wrong), so please check with a more authoritative source, before travelling to the Snowy Mountains.

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