Balloons Over Canberra

Friday 12 March 1999 - 7am

Live From The National Library

The photos

Balloon Launch Police Launch on Lake ABC 2CN OB Cathy Van Extel (ABC 2CN)

  1. Balloon Launch
  2. Police Launch on Lake
  3. ABC 2CN OB
  4. Cathy Van Extel (ABC 2CN)

Canberra Balloon Fights

Hot air balloons are the oldest successful human flight technology, dating back to the Montgolfier brothers' invention in Annonay, France in 1783. The first flight carrying humans was made on November 21, 1783, in Paris by Pilātre de Rozier and the Marquis d'Arlandes. ...

Attractive aspects of ballooning include the exceptional quiet (except when the propane burners are firing), the lack of any perceptible feeling of movement and the birds-eye view. Since the balloon moves with the wind, the passengers feel absolutely no wind, except for brief periods during the flight when the balloon climbs or descends into air currents of different direction or speed. ...

From: Hot air balloon, Wikipedia, 2006

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