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Sydney Opera House - Fish and Chip Shop

by Tom Worthington, 25 August 1996

Drove down to Sydney for the weekend (its about three and a half hours from Canberra). One of the world's best kept secret's is the fish and chip shop in the Sydney Opera House, overlooking the harbor.

Bolt on Sydney Harbor Bridge1 Bridge from Opera House Markets2 Opera House from below Bridge3 Opera House restrarunt4 Opera House fish and chip shop5 Sydney From Opera House6

  1. One of the bolts, holding up the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  2. Bridge from the markets in front of the Opera House
  3. Opera House from below the Bridge
  4. Restaurant at the Opera House (the fish and chip shop is around the corner).
  5. At the Fish and Chip Shop with the fancy restaurant tables behind
  6. View of Sydney from the Opera House

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