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ACS to Formulate Australia's IT Research Strategy

Saturday 20 July 1996 - The Australian Computer Society is looking for a volunteer to help formulate a Research Strategy for Information Technology in Australia.

The Society is assisting the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering with a Discipline Research Strategy for Australian IT. The research was commissioned by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA).

The aim is to develop a picture of where the IT discipline should be in 10 to 15 years time and a comprehensive plan for getting there.

The ACS is looking for a professional member to join the Working Party chaired by Professor Peter Poole FTSE, Dean of Information Technology at Bond University, which will be responsible for carrying out the study. It is due for completion in June 1997.

"We have a strong pool of senior professional members who would be suitable for this task and need to quickly identify an appropriate person to represent the Society on the working party," said ACS President Tom Worthington.

Mr Worthington has suggested the working party meet at the 14th World Computer Congress, to be hosted by the ACS in Canberra in September.

"IT research is vital to Australia's economic future," he said.

"Our researchers have an excellent international reputation. What isn't as good is our record in taking up the results of that research and applying it to useful IT applications and products.

"We will have many of the world's experts in the field in Canberra for the Congress and the working party can draw on their expertise."

The ACS representative will need experience in the application of IT in a commercial or government field. As well as meeting as a member of the working party in preparing the report, the ACS member will be required to facilitate consultation with the industry and report on the working party's progress to ACS conferences and continuously via the Internet.

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