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Serious Business on the Internet

by Tom Worthington, President of the Australian Computer Society

Monday 16 September 1996

9am-12noon, CSIRO Auditorium, Castray Esplanade, Hobart

Announcement & Summary

Tom Worthington This course will help the attendee to understand how organizations can make use of the Internet in innovative and effective ways. It will also describe the policy which is being developed at a national level which may impact the way in which the Internet is utilised by business.

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About the speaker

Tom Worthington is current National President of the Australian Computer Society. Away from the ACS Tom is Deputy Director, Information management Planning, Australian Department of Defence. Tom is co-author of the ACS InfoBahn Policy, the Defence Representative on the Commonwealth Group, and one of the authors of the new Architecture For Access To Government Information.

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Draft of 12 September 1996: The content of this talk will be developed here. Suggestions and comments welcome:


Internet applications from Australian organisations

Internet as a strategic weapon

Commonwealth Government on-line policy and implementation

Australia's stake in the global information industry

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