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Microsoft Network a Vote Loser - Computer President tells Government

5pm, 6 February 1996

Tom Worthington, President of the 15,000 member Australian Computer Society (ACS) has called on the Federal Government to scrap plans to use the Microsoft Network (MSN) in a system for farmers.

In a talk to be presented to the North Queensland Chapter of the ACS in Townsville on Wednesday 7 February, the ACS President comments on the $5 million joint venture between the Federal Government and the Farmers Federation for providing on-line services to farmers. The joint venture was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister on 22 January. Mr. Worthington criticises the decision to use the US based Microsoft Network, in preference to Australian based Internet Service Providers.

Tom Worthington said: "There has been a project announced by the Federal Government to encourage rural use of the Internet. However the proposal is to use the US based Microsoft Network, rather than Australian based Internet service providers. This is something the Federal Government may change before it loses them some votes."

The decision by the Commonwealth Department of Housing and Regional Development to use Microsoft's network, contrasts with an announcement by a task force of state and federal education authorities, who have decided to use the Internet for the Education Network Australia (EdNA). This comes after the ACS and other information technology and educational bodies expressed concerns that EdNA might only be available to MSN subscribers.

Authorised by: Tom Worthington, President ACS


TALK: A copy of Mr. Worthington's talk (with links to technology, organisations and individuals mentioned) is available on the Internet at: URL:

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VENTURE: Announcement of Government/Farmers joint venture: Press Release from Farmwide Pty. Ltd., 22 January 1996. ph: 06 2733855, fax: 022732331

EdNA use of Internet: "Educators snub Microsoft for Web", by John Hilvert, The Australian, 6 February 1996, page 32

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