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Australian Defence IT Experience to Benefit Rural Users

Canberra, Monday 15 July 1996: Rural Australians are set to benefit from the Defence Department's experience with Internet technology through a seminar taking place in Canberra tomorrow afternoon.

Computer scientists and other professionals from the Department of Primary Industry & Energy will see Australian Defence Web Master, Tom Worthington, demonstrate how Internet technology was used during military exercise Kangaroo 95.

The seminar, on the use of the Internet in rural and remote areas of Australia, will hear Mr Worthington's experience of reporting on Australia's longest and most complex military exercise, K95, via the Internet.

He will describe the technology used to relay reports from northern Australia via portable satellite terminals to Mallacoota, Victoria and then to the Internet.

Mr Worthington will also discuss the design of a new public Defence Web service to be formally launched at the 14th World Computer Congress in September.

Mr Worthington, who is also the President of the Australian Computer Society, has issued invitations to heads of 65 of the world's national IT societies, to attend a "World Networking Workshop" at the 14th World Computer Congress (IFIP 96) in September in Canberra.

The workshop will address issues involving use of the Internet and related technologies by nations and coordinating efforts for a better world infrastructure.

Governor General, Sir William Deane will open IFIP 96 on 2 September 1996.


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