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World Wide Web A Potential Disaster Warns ACS President

Friday 9 August 1996, Canberra - President of the Australian Computer Society, Tom Worthington, has warned of impending disaster for organisations with unplanned World Wide Web sites.

Tom Worthington In presenting the opening address to the 1996 Conference of the Oracle User Group ACT in Canberra on Wednesday, Mr Worthington called for organisations to ensure they employed professional staff with the necessary expertise, planning and appropriate resources to build Web sites and avert disaster.

"The Web is deceptively easy to use," said Mr Worthington.

"The danger is that anyone can build a very large and complex Web site which can get them and their organisation into a lot of trouble."

Mr Worthington, who is Web Master for the Defence Department's home page, provided details of Defence's web procedures and policies to the conference.

Kate Lundy He will also be conducting a 'net workshop at the 14th World Computer Congress, 6 September in Canberra. Senator Kate Lundy, member of the Senate References Committee for Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts, will provide a commentary on Australian Telecommunications Regulation at the workshop.

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