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President's Report to Council

February 1997

Tom Worthington & Senator Kate Lundy I last reported in September 1996. At that time I had just sent photos from a hot air balloon over Canberra to promote IFIP96. Below are a list of the more notable public activities. In between these there was the usual chairing of ACS Management Committee meetings and daily queries from the press and organisations.

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  • 14th World Computer Congress IFIP96 ran from 2-6 September 1996 in Canberra (with preceding workshops in Sydney and Melbourne). Sir William Deane This was a major event for the ACS and I was one of the many who had put in hard work for it over several years. My only formal role at the actual conference was to thank the dignitaries at the opening ceremony. To keep myself busy I took electronic photos for the daily on-line newspaper and for a virtual landcare visit. I became the stand-in chair for one session, after accidentally wandering into the wrong room. At the end of the congress I gave a World Net Workshop, with Senator Lundy. IFIP's General Assembly was held after the congress and I was invited to give an address. While the PR for IFIP'96 was upbeat and the organisation worked well, overall it was not a particularly exciting event, nor a financial success for ACS. There may be no place for conventional conferences in the on-line future. Tony Rundle & Tom Worthington
  • Visit to ACS Tasmanian Branch, 15-17 September 1996 Richard Wilson, Chair of the Tasmanian Branch of the ACS invited me down to talk to members, press, academics, business and give a seminar. Also I met the Premier and the Deputy Opposition Leader. This was a very busy, productive and exciting visit.
  • By October I discovered I had some many talks to give by the end of the year, I decided to rationalise them into one theme: Electronic Futures or Three months on the InfoBahn looking for the on-line future. In this I explored issues of the effect of IT on culture, while plugging the ACS.

    Steering Committee


    For 1997 I propose to concentrate on two priorities: Tom Worthington MACS
    13 February 1997


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